MapMyRights Breaks Relationship
with Former Partners

It is with great disappointment that Robin McLaren, founder of MapMyRights™, has announced that he has severed all relationships, with immediate effect, with Peter Rabley and the Property Rights section of the Omidyar Network and the operational team led by Noel Taylor. These former partners have turned out to be the wrong partners for the future of MapMyRights.

Robin McLaren owns the MapMyRights brand and the initiative will now morph into a primary knowledge source of crowdsourced / citizen centric approaches to land rights worldwide. The new website ( will be launched in the Spring 2015 and will include research results from the new “Crowdsourced Land Rights” working group of FIG Commission 7, led by Robin McLaren.

Robin McLaren, Director of Know Edge Ltd, will continue to provide management consulting services worldwide in the Land Policy, Land Administration and GIS domains through his consulting company.

Robin McLaren is still committed to crowdsourced and Fit-For-Purpose approaches to capturing evidence of land rights and increasing security of tenure for the 75% of citizens worldwide that are presently excluded from formal land administration solutions. It is pleasing to observe that an increasing number of initiatives are emerging, for example, UN-FAO FLOSS SOLA Open Tenure, Rights Resource Initiative and Rainforest Foundation UK that are pursuing this innovative agenda. Victor Hugo once said “nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.”